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Experienced Avian Veterinary Care

exotics veterinarian in wayneBirds are popular pets because they offer many positive attributes, including friendliness, affection and companionship, without the drawbacks of owning a cat or a dog. This is especially true for individuals with pet allergies, demanding schedules, or limited space in an apartment or condo. At Radnor Veterinary Hospital, we offer comprehensive exotic pet care services, including avian wellness and surgical care, as well as avian boarding. We are proud to be a leading provider of avian veterinary care for bird owners in Wayne, St. Davids, Radnor and the surrounding Philadelphia areas.

Avian Wellness & Surgical Care Services

Our exotic pet veterinarian, Dr. Leonard Donato, is board certified in Avian medicine. Aviary patients receiving his medical and surgical care range from Parakeets to Bald Eagles. Repairing birds’ wings is one of Dr. Donato’s strongest areas of expertise. As a member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians (A.A.V.), Dr. Donato has also lectured at several national conventions. Bird owners can rest assured that their feathered friends are receiving the best possible treatment under Dr. Donato’s expert care.

Avian services available at Radnor Veterinary Hospital include pre- and post-purchase avian examinations, bird grooming, DNA sexing, bird radiology (x-rays), endoscopy, microsurgery, emergency bird care, behavioral consultations, and avian boarding. Thanks to our avian veterinarian’s expertise in wing repairs, our animal hospital is one of the leading providers for avian surgical care.

Our avian veterinarian Dr. Donato also works closely with owners to ensure their birds receive quality at-home care. Since a bird is a less traditional pet when compared with a dog or cat, many individuals come to us for advice on how to care for birds for the first time. And while it is true that in general, birds are lower maintenance than a dog or cat, specialized care may still be necessary. Cage paper should be changed on a daily basis. Fresh food and water should also be provided daily, or more often, as necessary. For sanitation purposes, our exotic pet veterinarian strongly recommends scrubbing and disinfecting cages on a weekly basis. Additionally, all birds benefit from regular social contact.

The cost, care and commitment required for birds will vary based on the breed. Parakeets are one of the most popular birds to care for; their life expectancy is generally between five and 15 years. Parrots, in contrast, can live for more than 30 years and be very expensive, depending on their rarity and traits. Male canaries can cost up to twice as much as female canaries, since only the males sing. If you are considering purchasing a bird for the first time, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our avian veterinarian in order to learn more about what to expect as a first-time bird owner and which bird is the right choice for your lifestyle.

To learn more about our avian veterinary care services, contact Dr. Donato today at 610-687-1550!

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