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The Importance of Dental Care from Your Wayne Veterinarian

You may take dental hygiene very seriously in your household, especially where the health of your children's teeth is concerned -- but what about your "other children?" Your beloved pets are vulnerable to dental and oral conditions too, and they require regular dental care just as your human family members do. That's why you should make an annual dental cleaning and evaluation part of your pet's regular wellness regimen. Your Wayne veterinarian team here at Radnor Veterinary Hospital can help you make sure your pet's mouth remains just as healthy as the rest of him.

dog with toothbrush

Common Pet Dental Problems

By far the most pervasive problem in pets is periodontal disease, which afflicts some 80 percent of all animals over the age of 3. This form of gum disease involves the inflammation and eventual destruction of the tissues surrounding the teeth, including gums, connective tissue and bone. When plaque on the teeth turns into a rough, hard substance called tartar, bacteria are drawn to the tartar as a food source, prompting an inflammatory response. Eventually the bacterial infiltration can cause painful abscesses and tooth loss -- at which point the bacteria may go on to attack the pet's vital organs.

How Our Wayne Veterinarian Can Help

Home dental hygiene can help you keep tartar buildup to a minimum; our Wayne veterinarian can show you how to brush your pet's teeth and choose tartar-fighting treats. Ultimately, however, deep cleaning under anesthesia is necessary to get the worst tartar off of teeth and out from under gums. We can perform this procedure as part of an annual dental wellness exam.

Schedule a Checkup and Dental Cleaning with Our Wayne Vet

Your pet may need different degrees of dental care at different stages of life. For instance, puppies and kittens may need help shedding their baby teeth in favor of permanent teeth. Senior pets may be more prone to damaged teeth or require extractions, and senior cats can develop a painful problem called tooth resorption. Smaller breeds may have more dental trouble than larger ones. We may advise you to bring your pet in for more than one checkup and cleaning per year. But the perfect time to start is now, so call 610-687-1550 to schedule a pet dental cleaning and exam!

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