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Reptile Care at Radnor Veterinary HospitalRadnor Veterinary Hospital provides full-service reptile care for pets including routine wellness exams, reptile diet and environmental consultations, reptile parasite control, reptile diagnostic and surgical procedures, and reptile emergency care. Our veterinary care team has substantial experience caring for reptiles, including snakes, geckos, and bearded dragons. If you are a first-time reptile owner or considering adopting a reptile, our veterinarian is also happy to answer any questions you may have about reptile ownership.

Reptilian Wellness & Surgical Care

While reptiles make wonderful pets, proper care is essential to helping them live long, healthy lives. Keep in mind that cute baby reptiles can also grow into large adults! Our veterinary team provides diet and environmental consultations. While reptiles may be “low maintenance” when compared with dogs and cats, they do have very specific health needs. Depending on your reptile, your pet may have very unique dietary requirements. It’s important to understand these requirements in advance so you can be sure to provide a nutritionally-rich and varied diet for your pet. Additionally, our vet team will work with you to ensure your reptile is living in a suitable habitat that includes necessary heat and humidity.

All reptiles should receive regular wellness checkups to monitor their health. Even a small change can have serious implications for your pet’s health, as minor issues can grow into big issues very quickly for reptiles. The earlier our care team is able to detect a potential health problem, the more we can do to correct this problem and prevent additional health concerns. For example, a small nutritional deficiency could lead to a major illness. This is why it is so important to keep a close eye on your reptile’s overall health.

Parasites can pose a serious threat to your reptile’s well being. External parasites like mites and ticks can transmit disease. Internal parasites may affect growth or create obstructions that can lead to wasting syndromes. Early diagnosis is essential to identifying and treating parasites before your pet’s health is severely compromised. Our veterinarians use several different tests to identify parasites affecting your reptile.

We offer a range of diagnostic procedures and surgical treatment for reptiles, including radiographs, ultrasound, endoscopy and laboratory tests to diagnose your pet’s health problem. Should hospitalization be required, we provide individual climate-controlled care and supplemental feeding. In most cases, we are able to promptly stabilize your reptile’s overall health so your pet can return home with you. Our veterinary hospital provides emergency care for reptiles during our regular office hours. Should your reptile be experiencing a health emergency, no appointment is necessary for treatment. Simply bring your pet directly to our hospital for immediate, urgent care. We see pets on a triage basis. If possible, contact us while you are on the way to so our emergency vet will be ready to assist your reptile upon arrival.

Radnor Veterinary Hospital is one of the only local vet hospitals to provide comprehensive reptilian care. Call us today at 610-687-1550 to schedule your appointment!

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