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Radnor Veterinary Hospital is conducting a clinical trial on canine hypothyroidism. Click here for more information.

All dogs over three months of age must have a valid dog license according PA State Law.  Ask us about our Dog Licensing Services

Attention Rat Owners: A virus known as Seoul Virus has been detected in some rats in Pennsylvania starting in December 2016.  While this virus may not cause illness in the rat, it is potentially contagious to humans through inhalation of contaminated material. Please click here to read more.

Animal Care Services from Your Wayne Veterinarian

Dog waiting to be seen by a veterinarian at Radnor Veterinary Hospital

Here at Radnor Veterinary Hospital, you can rest assured that your furry friend will have access to a wide range of animal care services from any Wayne veterinarian on our four-vet staff. These animal care services include:

  • Exotic Animals - While many vet hospitals are content to see only cats and dogs, Radnor Veterinary Hospital opens its doors to other creatures as well. We have the skill, knowledge and experience to care for birds, rabbits, reptiles, other non-traditional pets, and even fish! 
  • Wellness Care - Every pet needs periodic wellness evaluations so we can catch any health problems in their earliest stages. Our clinic performs thorough exams, in-house lab testing and other evaluations to make sure your pet is doing well.
  • Vaccinations - Pets need protection against certain common (and potentially deadly) infectious disease threats. Vaccinations stimulate the immune system to produce the necessary antibodies. We administer both essential or "core" vaccinations and other, elective vaccinations as needed.
  • Blood Work and Sample Testing - Blood, urine and fecal samples can tell us a great deal about the state of your pet's health, from diagnosing infections to noting systemic imbalances. We offer this service on a routine or emergency basis as needed.
  • Dental Care - Your pet's oral and dental health are a critical aspect of his overall wellness. Your Wayne veterinarian can perform dental evaluations to check for infections, oral cancer or other problems, along with deep cleanings to reduce the risk of periodontal disease.
  • Dental Digital X-Rays - Just as humans seek professional dental care for cavities, gum disease and routine cleanings, your pet needs dental care. Our Wayne veterinary Hospital is equipped with technology to take dental digital x-rays of your pets teeth to diagnose any conditions. From there we can come up with a treatment plan to administer the dental treatment your pet needs.
  • Laser Therapy - Our veterinarians use laser therapy to alleviate pain in dogs, cats, and exotic animals! Laser therapy is non-invasive and virtually painless. Our veterinarians will conclude if your pet is in need of laser therapy.
  • Dermatology - Pets are vulnerable to skin problems ranging from allergic dermatitis and pest infestations to bacterial or fungal infections. We can diagnose and treat dermatological issues while recommending pest preventatives and other useful strategies.

Surgical Procedures at Radnor Veterinary Hospital

At Radnor Veterinary Hospital, we offer surgery to address health concerns or to eliminate pain from bleeding, fractures, and perform routine surgeries such as spaying and neutering. Here is a list of the surgical procedures we perform:

  • Emergency Surgery - Internal bleeding, serious external lacerations, ingested foreign materials and GDV (dilation and twisting of the stomach) can pose immediate and serious dangers. Our emergency surgery team can diagnose the problem quickly and perform procedures which may save your pet's life.
  • Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Repair - Fractures, damaged knee joints, chronic hip conditions, and other problems can often be treated with orthopedic surgery. Our veterinary team can provide corrective surgery to help your pet overcome injuries, congenital abnormalities or age-related joint degeneration. We also perform mass removals and other complex surgeries your pet may require to maintain their health.
  • Spay, Neuter and other Routine Surgery - Not all surgical procedures address emergencies  or orthopedic conditions; some are not only routine but actually preventative in nature. Spay and neuter surgery is a prime example -- it not only prevents unwanted litters, but it also reduces your pet's risk of cancer and heat-related hazardous behaviors.
  • Senior Care and Wellness - Senior pets need extra attention and care as age-related challenges catch up with them. Your veterinarian can provide more frequent wellness exams, evaluate sensory or cognitive problems, check organ function and prescribe medications or dietary adjustments.

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