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The Pet Village of Wayne

The Radnor Dog Club Dog Daycare & Boarding

Pets In Motion Dog Training

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Radnor Veterinary Hospital is conducting a clinical trial on canine hypothyroidism. Click here for more information.

All dogs over three months of age must have a valid dog license according PA State Law.  Ask us about our Dog Licensing Services

Attention Rat Owners: A virus known as Seoul Virus has been detected in some rats in Pennsylvania starting in December 2016.  While this virus may not cause illness in the rat, it is potentially contagious to humans through inhalation of contaminated material. Please click here to read more.

Pet Boarding in Wayne 

Pet boarding is an important service for pet owners in Wayne. Whether you're planning to take a trip or simply need to get your pet out of the house while you work, our pet boarding services and doggy day care can give your pet a safe place to stay.

Pet Boarding at Radnor Veterinary Hospital in Wayne

Benefits of Pet Boarding with a Vet

There are many benefits of pet boarding with Radnor Veterinary Hospital!

  • On site with a licensed veterinarian. At Radnor Veterinary Hospital, we have all of the facilities needed to take care of your pet. If your pet experiences a medical emergency while you're in away, we'll have everything we need to ensure that your pet gets immediate treatment.
  • We take pets of all kinds. At Radnor Veterinary Hospital, we help pet boarders of all kinds, including cats, dogs, reptiles and exotic animals.
  • We'll treat your pet like our own. We love animals at Radnor Veterinary Hospital, and it shows. Each pet gets daily attention that will help him or her feel comfortable in our facility.
  • We offer healthy foods for all of our boarders. We provide a healthy diet for all our pet boarders. If your pet has special needs, we'll do everything we can to accommodate your pet. We recommend calling us in advance to ensure that arrangements are made before your pet arrives at our facility.
  • Our accommodations can be fit to pets of all sizes. Whether your pet is big or small, we'll fit the sleeping accommodations to your pet's size, so he or she will be comfortable while in our care. Our pet condominiums range in size and shape. Rates for pet condominiums range from $25-$36 each night.
  • We'll ensure that your pet gets exercise and socialization. Pets need attention and socialization, especially when they're separated from their owners. That's why we have an indoor dog daycare where pets can run happily and spend time together!

How to Pick a Boarding Facility

We know it can be difficult to select a boarding facility. We want you to have peace of mind. When you're thinking about boarding your pet at our facility, we recommend taking a tour. At Radnor Veterinary Hospital, we'll show you where the pets stay, sleep and eat. We'll also show you the 4,000 square foot indoor day care where pets play and have fun together.

Sign Up Your Pet for Doggy Daycare

Do you leave your dog at home alone during the day? If so then your dog may benefit from our doggy daycare center where pets can frolic and play in a large, climate controlled environment. Our indoor fenced in park is the perfect place for pets to have fun and make friends.

Contact Your Pet's Veterinarian About Boarding and Dog Daycare in Wayne

No one is more qualified to take care of your pet than our trained and caring staff! To make an appointment or a reservation, contact us today at 610-687-1550.

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